And, Recap

It’s amazing how much can fit into three months’ time. What hits me first is the number of congratulations and abrupt good-byes.

Taking it in order, though, there was the New Mexico bar exam. A good amount of anxiety was built into that. Then there was graduation. That helped drown out the anxiety for a bit. Sara and I got married! We whisked away on our honeymoon. Thereafter we drove literally through the night to start our new life out West. And, in what now seems like a series of memories from the best of dreams, here we are. I am now a licensed attorney in the state of New Mexico. Sara is writing. We have left a lot behind us, and we certainly hope that we get to see those friends again who are now somewhere in a parallel to us, moving forward.

I am quite satisfied with my job. I love the home that we have (though we do not own it). Sara is working very diligently from our home, and she will begin her graduate studies soon. I am proud of where we are, though I know that we each had only a small part in shaping where we are and how we got here.

It’s getting to be Fall here—a little late, I would say. Soon we will head back for the holidays to say hello to family and friends. We will get a chance to let them personally know how much we miss them.

But we will also get the chance to tell them how much fun we are having in our little town out in the desert.

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